Russians not cancelling tours to Hong Kong

October 2, 2014 1:36 am 

MOSCOW, Oct. 1 — Russian citizens are not yet cancelling their tours to Hong Kong amid ongoing protests, Russian Association of Tour Operators said in a statement.

"There are no cancellations of tours [to Hong Kong] yet. Applications for vacation in this region are received as usual. None of the tourists has asked for an early return home," the statement read.

The statement also noted that tour operators do not regard any risk to the tourists' safety in Hong Kong.

Thousands of people have gathered on the streets of Hong Kong to take part in the Occupy Central with Love and Peace protests that began on September 26. The demonstrators are protesting against Chinese government plans to control the 2017 election in Hong Kong.

Dozens of protesters, including 17-year-old student protest leader Joshua Wong, have been detained during the demonstrations.

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung stated Tuesday that "an illegal gathering" would not force Beijing to back down on political reform. (PNA/RIA Novosti)



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