QC Hall conducts earthquake/fire drill among its employees

July 3, 2014 10:50 am 

MANILA, July 2 — The Quezon City government, in observance of National Disaster Consciousness Week, conducted an earthquake/fire drill Wednesday afternoon to increase the awareness and preparedness of its employees about disasters and the basic things to do when confronted with such emergency situations.

According to QC Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Chairman Elmo San Diego, the employees as well as the transacting public at QC Hall were ordered to go out of the building once they hear blaring sounds or sirens that signal the start of the earthquake/fire drill.

San Diego said they designed the drill to be like a “war scenario” instead of sounds of breaking glass and collapsing structures, like in the past drills, as part of the signal.

San Diego, who also heads the city government's Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS), added that as part of the drill scenario, employees were directed to use the fire exits, not the stairs, in going down from their respective rooms while their hand is placed over their head.

The employees were instructed to assemble at their respective evacuation areas such at the cemented public parking area and QC Hall Plaza to ensure their safety. (PNA)



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