President Aquino has yet to impart thoughts on dismissed PMA cadet’s case –Palace

March 13, 2014 9:31 am 

By Azer N. Parrocha

MANILA, March 12 (PNA) — With only a few days left before the graduation rites at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City, Malacanang on Wednesday said that President Benigno S. Aquino III has yet to impart his thoughts on the case of dismissed cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia.

It can be recalled that Cudia, who would have graduated salutatorian on March 16, was accused of lying, a violation of the PMA's honor system, and was voted for dismissal by the Honor Committee.

In a Palace media briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that Cudia’s case has never been brought up for discussion by the President.

“We have not discussed the situation of Cadet Cudia…He (the President) has not stated anything precisely… to have an open mind,” Lacierda said.

He added he could not comment on whether there is a chance that the President would overturn Cudia’s dismissal because it would be, so far, speculative to say.

Although Cudia was not the first to violate the Honor Code — with others reported to have still been able to graduate — Lacierda said that the reevaluation of the code would be up to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Lacierda also said that it was “unfair” for anyone to judge the Honor Code as reforms have been done to change the PMA’s once corrupt image.

“…One rotten apple should not spoil the entire barrel. You may have some bad eggs there but it should not say that the system is bad because of one or two or three persons who are perceived to have not honored the Honor Code,” the Malacanang official said.

“I would believe that most of those graduates continue to observe the Honor Code, even while they are no longer in the Philippine Military Academy,” he added.

In reaction to the reported Cudia family’s request for a meeting with President Aquino, Lacierda said that there has been no confirmation of the request. (PNA)



One Response to “President Aquino has yet to impart thoughts on dismissed PMA cadet’s case –Palace”

  1. Roy C. Almoguera on March 15th, 2014 12:18 pm

    In the name of PMA. honor code, that thousands of PMAyers respect and obey.shall be done………….. But we are Human to forgive … the Commander In chief the last last one to decide with his prerogative in lieu of his Imperative for execution,that commanding the troops . from the highest rank down to the last elements..SO be it
    The President mandated by the people , while the AFP.protector of our sovereignty..

    Roy Almoguera
    OFW, Middle East.