President Aquino cites lessons learned from his alma mater

March 13, 2014 9:31 am 

MANILA, March 12 — President Benigno S. Aquino III on Wednesday cited the many lessons he learned as an undergraduate student upon attending the 15th anniversary celebration of Ateneo Professional Schools in Makati.

During his speech, President Aquino recalled his student experiences during Martial Law where he and his classmates would be unenthusiastic to study the Constitution.

He said that what he had in mind that time was that it was irrelevant to study the Constitution if a dictator could easily change it.

His teacher in Political Science, however, taught him and his classmates that in order for a person to learn what is right, they must also know its difference from what is wrong.

President Aquino said that for him, a good leader was not only intelligent or experienced but also had a good concept of the difference between good and evil.

“Kailangan, malinaw rin sa iyo kung ano ang tama at mali. Dahil kung hindi, maliligaw lang kayo ng mga inaakay mo,” the President said.

He further said that he had the same thought in mind when he campaigned for president, noting that it was about time Filipinos chose the “straight path”.

“Tumugon naman ang sambayanan sa aking imbitasyon. Pinili nila akong maging gabay sa paglalakbay,” President Aquino said.

“Isa akong gabay na kasama sa paghahakbang ng mga mamamayan. Dahil sa Ateneo ko rin natutuhan ito,” he added.

President Aquino then urged students pursuing further studies to work hard, not just for their own personal interests but also to help others.

Since he assumed office, he said that he decided to call citizens as his “bosses” because while he guided them as President, they guided him as well.

He ended his speech by noting how it was the collective efforts of government and citizens to lead the country to progress — towards the “straight path”.

Although the journey towards the straight path was a long one, President Aquino said that he was confident that it would lead to a bright future. (PNA)



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