GM Honrado lauds honest taxi driver who returned AUD 1,000 left by OFW

March 1, 2014 10:12 am 

MANILA, Feb. 28 — Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado on Friday lauded the honest taxi driver who recovered and returned the AUD 1,000 left by a returning overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in his cab Wednesday night.

“I am proud that there are more and more airport workers who are returning left behind valuables that they find. The culture of honesty is very much around the Ninoy Aquino International Airport,” Honrado said.

Honrado was referring to Genelito Macaraig, driver of ASSI Coupon Taxi at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), who did not think twice in returning to proper authorities the pouch bag left by an OFW later identified as Joseph Apacway, of Benguet Province.

Apacway together with other OFWs returned to the country Wednesday night from Sydney, Australia.

At around 8 p.m. Wednesday, Apacway and his companions boarded Macaraig’s taxi at NAIA Terminal 1 in going to their respective destinations in Metro Manila. When all his passengers already alighted, Macaraig noticed the pouch bag left behind by one of his passengers which was on the cab’s flooring.

Instead of taking interest in the item, Macaraig hurriedly went back to the airport and inquired to the Airport Police Department on the proper procedure in returning a recovered lost valuables.

The contents of the belt bag were inventoried and recorded at the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of the Airport Police Department (APD). It contained 20 pieces AUD 50, one two Australian dollar coin, a five Philippine peso coin, two one Philippine peso coins, one calculator, two memory cards, a picture and a cellphone number.

APD personnel contacted the cellphone number and the man who answered the phone who was later identified as Apacway said he is already on his way to the province and will return for his belt bag on Sunday (March 2).

Relatedly, Honrado shared another good news which happened last February 20, 2014. This was when a clutch bag containing cash in different currencies amounting to P24,900, documents and medicines left behind in a taxi cab, was successfully recovered.

An Australian national who hired a taxi cab from a Hotel in Makati City to go to the NAIA Terminal 2 for his departure flight reported to the Airport Police that he inadvertently left behind his clutch bag inside the taxi as he hurriedly disembarked.

Airport Police Cpl. Antalan conducted a follow-up at the Terminal 2 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the CCTV footage. It was discovered that the taxi involved was a Toyota Vios with plate number UWJ-213 and body name F. Dela Cruz.

Thereafter, Cpl. Demetria Tecson, T2-EOC operator, referred the case to the Intelligence and Investigation Division for further investigation, while the passenger proceeded to his departure flight despite the loss of his clutch bag.

The team of Airport Police Intelligence operatives composed of Cpls. Michael Teofilo, Fernando Rafal, Alvin Patayan and Elino Portacion conducted follow-up with the operator of the said taxi, which resulted in the identification of the driver Eduardo Carriedo and eventual recovery of the clutch bag.

The recovered clutch bag with its contents are in the custody of the Airport Police for safekeeping, while the passenger owner of the clutch bag was informed through email on the recovery of his clutch bag.

“Our Airport Policemen’s dedication to their job and honesty of airport workers will echo to the world that Filipinos have a culture of honesty and that justice prevails against criminal elements in the Philippines,” Honrado said. (PNA)



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