Japan to help PHL adopt new disaster response system

January 14, 2014 12:57 am 

By Leslie D. Venzon

MANILA, Jan. 13 (PNA) — Japan has vowed to assist the Philippines in adopting a new disaster response system that aims to save lives and reduce property damage.

The Japan and Philippine governments have agreed on Monday to embark on a program on resilient information communications technology (ICT) systems with the implementation of former’s Integrated Services Digital Broadcast-Terresterial (ISDB-T) standard.

“(This program) allows for a new disaster response system. By the time when the next typhoon comes in, which will be around July, we are ready to embark on a working level activity in order to materialize on this objective,” said Minister Yoshitaka Shindo of Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) in a press briefing.

Shindo said the adoption of the ISDB-T standard will ensure safety in times of emergency and provide convenience to Filipinos during normal circumstances.

“With the ISDB-T technology, one of the deliverables is the early warning broadcasting system, the activation of television device even when it is turned off. It will be activated to allow viewers to receive emergency disaster-related information via their television screen,” he explained.

Shingo Yamaguchi, director of the International Economic Affairs Division Global ICT Strategy Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, stressed that information to local areas without electricity can be disseminated through the use of the technology.

“By combining the system with a solar panel system, TV can be watched in areas with no electricity,” he explained.

Under normal situation, Yamaguchi said the technology’s data broadcasting can be applicable in e-government, e-education, news, traffic, hospital, sports, weather and even drama and recipe.

He cited example works of e-government including supporting measures for farmers, knowledge on cattle breeding and locating wanted and missing persons.

Meanwhile, in a joint statement signed by Shindo and Philippine Department of Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo, their departments agreed to strengthen a comprehensive cooperation on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting following the adoption of ISDB-T standard by the Philippines. (PNA)



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