Piccolo remains top in list of firecrackers with most casualties

January 3, 2014 3:23 am 

MANILA, Jan. 2 — Among the firecrackers responsible for the most number of firecracker-related injuries, Piccolo is still number one on the list, the Department of Health (DOH) noted Thursday.

To date, the Piccolo has caused a total of 306 injuries out of the total 804 firecracker-related injuries, Assistant Health Secretary, Dr. Eric Tayag said via Twitter.

The Piccolo is responsible for the very first firecracker-related injury recorded–a nine-year-old boy from Tondo who sustained injuries on his right thumb and index finger.

It is also among the firecrackers included in the banned firecracker list of the Philippine National Police-Firearms and Explosives Office but continuous to be openly sold in areas across the country.

Also prohibited include Watusi, Super Lolo, Atomic Big Trianggulo, Mother Rockets, Lolo Thunder, Pillbox, Boga and Big Judah's belt, Bawang, Kwiton, Goodbye Philippines, Kabasi, Atomic Bomb, Five Star, Pla-pla, Og and the Giant Whistle Bomb.

Reports showed that the Piccolo was even sold along sidewalks in the typhoon “Yolanda”-hit city of Tacloban and neighboring city, Ormoc.

Aside from Piccolo, the other firecrackers which also make its way on the top causes of firecracker-related injuries include the Kwitis, Five-star and Pla-pla.

Health Secretary Dr. Enrique Ona has meanwhile expressed plans of pushing for a total ban in firecrackers after the holidays.

Hospitals across the country remain on Code White alert (meaning hospital staff will be ready for emergencies) as the DOH expects more casualties to turn up the following days.

The DOH also said that the firecracker-related injuries this year were “milder” compared to the injuries recorded last year. (PNA)



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