“Lilet Never Happened” movie screening an eye opener on the problem of sexual abuse and child prostitution

November 29, 2013 12:17 pm 

By Leilani S. Junio

MANILA, Nov 28 (PNA) — Sexual abuse and child prostitution was tackled Thursday noon during the premier screening of the movie ‘Lilet Never Happened’ at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Dream Theater.

The movie is part of the highlights on the celebration of the Human Rights Day this December that was spearheaded by Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines and Springfilm Foundation that produced the film.

According to Jacco Groen, he was inspired to do the movie while doing research for his documentary on the long-term effect of abuse to children.

“It is also an eye opener on what is under the skin of the kids who are working in the sex industry and being abused,” he explained.

In the movie, Lilet, played by Sandy Talag, a former StarStruck Kids” discovery that portrayed various wholesome roles in GMA7 played the role of an 11-year old child fallen prey to prostitution in the city of Manila because of an irresponsible and selfish mother and a step father who molested her and her own sister.

Lilet’s role in the movie depicts the pains and bitterness that a child felt as she attempts to escape from their home from the hands of an abusive step father who took her virginity.

Her pain become more intense when her very own mother even “sell” her to Caucasian pedophiles because of poverty and greed to earn money.

Her sufferings was further aggravated when she became exposed to several faces of prostitution wherein she became a helpless victim of further exploitation at a young age when she tries to seek refuge and escape from her mother by working in bar where her elder sister also works and being paid by selling flesh.

Later in an attempt to save her, a friend from an institution reported to the authorities her plight which led to a raid of the bar.

Though she managed to escape, later Lilet was not able to escape from the pain of feeling alone and helpless that led her to insanity.

The movie depicted how exploitation and child abuse can lead to destruction of a child future and aims to call everyone’s attention to do their share in saving and uplifting the lives of young girls who due to poverty and lack of education fell into the pit of prostitution and abuse.

According to Alwyn de Leon, Torres des Hommes Country Manager of the European Union, it is high time that more stricter measures and concerted efforts should be undertaken to help in the protection of children and prosecution of people engaging in child exploitation.

European Union continues to offer its assistance to both the Philippine government and to the civil society to address the issue.

Part of the step is to raise awareness as it does the screening of the movie to mark Human Rights Day 2013.(PNA)



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