Napoles would not have the guts if not for her ‘protector,’ says Santiago

September 5, 2013 9:24 am 

By Azer Parrocha

MANILA, Sept 4 (PNA) — It was believed that Janet Lim-Napoles was the mastermind in the pork barrel scam.

But Sen. Miriam Santiago said she would not have the guts to do what she did if she did not have a powerful person backing her up.

The senator told reporters Wednesday that although Napoles was the key to determine who her ‘protector’ was, she had enough evidence from whistleblowers who could serve as eye-witnesses.

“I don’t need Napoles to convict senators and congressman, if she testifies against them all the better,” Santiago said.

She explained that Napoles could not be state witness because that would make her automatically acquitted, but if in any case she can identify who were protectors were — she will no longer be considered most guilty.

Despite this, Santiago said that Napoles will still be compelled to drop names because to defend herself “because she’s not going to willingly go to jail for the rest of her life.”

Santiago said there was still a possibility that Napoles be charged for plunder because she is involved in a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, when Napoles appears to be cross examined, Santiago said that the first question she would ask her is: “What is the most expensive handbag?”

“That is the technique in cross examination — put the witness at ease, if you scare her right away she’ll be nervous, her blood pressure will rise, she’ll go home,” a laughing Santiago said. (PNA)



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