Phil-JobNet vacancies reach 98,878 this week

July 21, 2013 12:11 am 

MANILA, July 20 — Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz on Saturday said job openings posted by employers in the government’s job search and job and skills matching facility, the Phil-JobNet, have banked to a current level reaching 98,878 vacancies as of 18 July 2013.

Baldoz encouraged jobseekers to pursue these 98,878 employment opportunities which shall remain available for a minimum period of one week for the hot jobs to a maximum of one month for other vacancies.

"The majority of the jobs posted in the Phil-JobNet are for local employment, demonstrating the continuing growth of opportunities in the local labor market," said Baldoz, adding:

“Overseas employment opportunities have also been posted in the job portal by accredited overseas employers which safeguards applicants from illegal recruitment.”

Baldoz noted that in January, the Phil-JobNet attained a high mark of 268,278 vacancies, but as these expired, or as corresponding job matching due to increased local and global access of both employers and job seekers transpired, the number of vacancies tapered off based on the existing labor supply and demand.

She said the BLE, which hosts the Phil-JobNet, continues to campaign hard for employers to register their vacancies, in consonance with the overarching goal enunciated by President Benigno S. Aquino III, in his 22-point labor and employment agenda,“to “invest in our country’s top resource, our human resource, to make us more competitive and employable” by “addressing the labor-mismatch problem and promoting better coordination between employers, academia and government.”

Baldoz said the Phil-JobNet is now the leading job search and job and skills matching portal in the Philippines, with its private sector partners trailing behind. The BLE reported that as of 18 July, the had only 32,290 job vacancies while had 87,809. Both online portals are linked with the Phil-JobNet.

As of the reference period, the Phil-JobNet has also 8,571 skills for hire posted.

"The skills for hire page is a feature of the Phil-JobNet which is similar to the “yellow pages” or bulletin board where skilled persons and own-account workers advertise their skills and services in the hope employers will consider and hire them," said Jose Sandoval, BLE director officer-in-charge.

The Phil-JobNet has also a “hot jobs” page listing down the top 20 vacancies which have a shelf life of one week. On the other hand, the “top 50 vacancies” have a maximum shelf life of one month.

The 20 hot jobs currently available in the Phil-JobNet are as follows: (Local) service crew, 4,169; cashiers, 3,111; salesmen, 2,801; production workers/factory workers, 1,895; technical support staff, 1,526; sales clerks, 1,457; call center agents, 1,350; sales coordinators, 989; janitors, 859; baggers, 663; advertising account executives, 564; steelmen, 540; customer service assistants, 512; stock clerks, 512; janitresses, 500; sales officers, 441; sales representatives-government, 400; warehousemen, 378; stockmen, 375; drivers-government, 566; and waiters-general, 370.

The top 50 vacancies are as follows: call center agents, 6,193; service crew, 5,812; cashiers, 3,913; sales clerks, 3,639; salesmen, 3,133; production machine operators, 2,791; production workers/factory workers, 2,520; enumerators, 2,000; technical support staff, 1,636; sales coordinators, 1,154; merchandisers, 1,043; laborers, 1,039;

Security guards, 1,024; customer service assistants, 1,007; janitors, 894; baggers, 682; steelmen, 660; waiters-general, 646; drivers-government, 590; mechanical engineers-general, 578; sales associate professionals, 571; advertising account executives, 564; stock clerks, 559; cooks-general, 543; promo salespersons, 532; office clerks, 527; sales officers, 509;

Product specialists, 505; janitresses, 500; civil engineers-general, 492; accounting staff, 457; data encoders, 455; waitresses, 453; cash collectors, 438; female promo personnel, 425; warehousemen, 402; sales executives, 391; delivery drivers, 391; automotive mechanics, 376; stockmen, 375; welders, 374; promo staff, 370; mechanical engineering technicians-motors and engines, 354; office cleaners, 350; painters, 328; marketing officers, 325; electrical engineers, 318; administrative assistants, 317; and beauty consultants, 315.

Finally, the top skills currently advertised in Phil-JobNet include the following: production workers/factory workers, 3,004; cashiers, 2,434; service crew, 2,323; sales clerks, 1,669; production machine operators, 1,407; data encoders, 1,179; staff nurses, 972; salesladies, 959; office clerks, 839; call center agents, 497; merchandisers, 467; welders, 467; customer service assistants, 423; computer technicians, 391; accounting staff, 333; baggers, 329; and accounting clerks, 325.(PNA)



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