Industry roadmap seeks to boost semiconductor and electronics industry

July 3, 2013 1:53 am 

By Kris M. Crismundo

MANILA, July 2 (PNA) -– The Semiconductor and Electronics Industry in the Philippines, Inc. (SEIPI) is set to boost the semiconductor and electronics industry in the country with its new roadmap.

SEIPI's new industry roadmap called DoSEMI (Drive-up our Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Index), SEIPI’s Jay Sabido says aims to move the industry to the upper scale of value chain.

Sabido added moving towards higher value chain will empower the industry and increase its competitiveness not only in the local market but globally as well.

The industry roadmap targets to have a pool of skilled human resources and build up research and development activities.

SEIPI believes this can be achieved through having human resources with higher level of education such as Master’s and Doctor’s degree.

It is also significant that the produced graduates have courses relevant to the need of the economy and most of all make them stay in the country.

To achieve the DoSEMI roadmap, SEIPI will identify of the customers’ need and understand the suppliers’ baseline.

The industry is set to act on developing capabilities on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) partnership, technology and product groups including automotive, medical and consumer products.

Research and development in semiconductor manufacturing services (SMS) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS), renewable energy and failure analysis will play vital role of developing the semiconductor and electronics industry.

Training programs are also included in DoSEMI roadmap.

Most of all, SEIPI would still urge the government to give good incentives to attract more investors to put up and expand their businesses in the country.

Meanwhile, in April 2013, total export receipts of semiconductor and electronics industry went down by 7.2 percent from .757 billion in March 2013 to .356 billion.

SEIPI explained that the decline experienced by the industry is due to weak foreign exchange, high cost of power, competition threat of neighboring countries with generous incentives made available by their government and internal challenges experienced by some companies.

Despite on decrease in revenue, electronic manufactures still top the export product of the country in April 2013 accounted for 40.3 percent of the total exports revenue.

Moreover, the industry also employed 2.06 million personnel as of 2012.

SEIPI is the country’s largest semiconductor and electronics industry group with 250 Filipino and foreign companies as its member. (PNA)



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