DoST launches iGovPhil, a new ICT application program

June 10, 2013 10:21 pm 

By Paula D. Navarra

MANILA, June 10 (PNA) — The Department of Science and Technology on Monday launched the Integrated Government Philippine (iGovPhil), a new ICT application program for all government agencies.

The iGovPhil has five features. These are the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Government wide e-mail system (GovMail), Government Cloud (GovCloud), Agency Records Inventory System (AgRIS) and Government Website Template.

“PKI will provide added security to government online transactions and communications with the use of dual keys for sealing and opening documents online and the use of digital certificates for authentication and verification,” said Denis F. Villorente, iGovPhil project director in a statement.

“The technology is useful not only within the government but also in transactions with the public like delivery of services and online payment,” he added.

The GovMail will provide uniform e-mails of government agencies and provide a concrete online identity for the government.

GovMail allows agencies to use the address in emails and the government cloud (GovCloud) for data storage.

The GovCloud is owned and operated by the government and data is hosted at a government data center.

AgRIs provides a file, document and record inventory to all government agencies of the country.

The role of AgRIS is to track, provide lists and storefiles on the National Archives and Records Management (NARM) Program.

NARM is a government program that integrates existing assets and speed up document research, access and processing.

Villaflorente also said that later this month they will be releasing an update of the E-Government Master Plan that will serve as a road map on the use of ICT for the next three years.

The master plan will be about the government rules on the ICT program and the shared ICT infrastructure of all government agencies. (PNA)



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