Senendra Two condo owners pledge to assist authorities in probe

June 3, 2013 10:58 pm 

By Lloyd Caliwan

MANILA, June 3 (PNA) — The family who owns unit 501-B, Serendra Two Condominium where the blast transpired last Friday which killed three people and injured five others, has pledged to help police in its investigation.

Atty. Raymund Fortun, legal representative of the US-based Cayton family, expressed this commitment by the family.

"On behalf of the Cayton family, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of this tragedy. We are equally devastated by damage that this has caused us. We are simple people and this property was purchased through our hard earned money with the desire to maintain our Filipino roots, traditions and culture even as we now live in the United States," said Fortun who read the statement of Marianne Cayton, wife of unit owner George Cayton.

Mrs. Cayton added that Angelito San Juan, the tenant of unit 501 who suffered burns caused by the explosion, is a close friend of the family.

San Juan is now confined at the intensive care unit of the St. Lukes Hospital at tge Bonifacio Global City.

Mrs. Cayton added she would be returning to the Philippines to help in the investigation.

"My children are traumatized by the images that they see on television and have begged me not to return to the Philippines, but I will be arriving in a few days to shed light on the circumstances leading to the explosion. Our family is committed in cooperating fully with the authorities," she said.

For his part, Fortun said she asked Mrs. Cayton to make herself available to authorities and to the public as quickly as she can.

According to Fortun, San Juan is a 63-year old data architect based in California.

San Juan left the Philippines in 1982 for the US and his last stay in the Philippines was in February last year, said Fortun.

He described San Juan as a family friend of the Cayton family who only came to the country to attend a wedding.

Fortun also said as of now San Juan has second degree burns in 85 percent of his body.

He is also heavily sedated at the intensive care unit of the St. Lukes Hospital.

"What I can say is that based on information supplied by his doctors, he has second degree burns comprising 85 percent of his body and that he is under observation and neavily sedated. hindi po namin sa makausap," he said.

"Nagtangka po ang police na magtanung sa kanya pero mismong ang mga doktor ang nagbawal sa kanila. He is in the ICU of St.Luke's. Wala syang permanent family member dito. Meron syang kapatid na lalaki na bumisita but he is not permanently based in the Philippines," Fortun said.

Fortun also said San Juan complained of suffocation on May 31 or just before the explosion as his unit did not have electricity.

"Meron balitang lumalabas na nag complain si Mr. San Juan ng suffoation. Klaruhin ko lang po. At 1:15 pm. kakalunch lang ni Mr. San Juan outside of Serendra. Pagdating nya sa unit, nadatnan nya yung unit na alang kuryente. As you can expect sa isang unit na kulong at walang airconditioning, pagpasok, ang unang complaint ay masasakal kayo. Inireklamo po nya ito," Fortun said.

Fortun said the electricty came back at about 6 pm.

"It is still premature na kaya siya nasasakal ay dahil sa gas," said Fortun.

Fortun added that unit 501 was being renovated at the time of the explosion.

"The unit was under renovation since April this year. At katatapos lang nung finishing touches nung renovaton. The renovation was the expansion of the unit from one bedroom to two bedroom unit. All works with the approval of the serendra management at talagang matatapos na," he said.

Earlier, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said bomb sniffing dogs from the police and the Philippine Army did not detect any bomb residues at unit 501.

Roxas said that probers are now getting San Juan's profile from the Bureau of Immigration,

However, Roxas added that San Juan is not a suspect yet.

“There is no legal move against him. We are just interested in his story,” Roxas said.

He said probers have yet to talk to San Juan who remains in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Initial reports said that the victim was seen leaving his unit when the blast occurred. (PNA)



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