354 schools granted tuition fee increase — CHED Paula Marie D. Navarra

May 27, 2013 11:58 pm 

MANILA, May 27 — Three hundred fifty-four out of the 451 schools that applied for tuition fee increase this year were granted said tuition fee hike by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

In a statement released Monday by CHED chairperson Patricia Licuanan, she said that in the National Capital Region (NCR), 72 schools were given the approval to increase tuition fees.

In Regions IV-A, 52 schools were given approval, while 37 schools in Region III were given a heads up.

“The average tuition fee increase per unit for these schools is P37.45 or 8.5 percent nationwide,” Licuanan said.

“This is the lowest percentage increase in the past ten years,” she added.

According to Licuanan, NCR had an increase of P64.04 or 6.79 percent of tuition fees per unit.

Region IV-A had a P48.8 or 7.68 percent per unit increase in tuition fees.

In Region III there was a P44.48 or 8.86 percent increase per unit in tuition fees.

“The highest increases were in Regions II, P31.26 or 12.25 percent; Region V, PhP44.77 or 11.83 percent and Region I, PhP34.10 or 11.12 percent,” Licuanan also stated.

“The average increase in other school fees nationwide is P194.62 or 7.58 percent,” she stressed. (PNA)



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