Top honchos of Pasig proclaimed by local board of canvassers

May 15, 2013 10:38 pm 

MANILA, May 15 — As expected, the top honchos of Pasig City emerged as winners as local Commission on Elections (Comelec) who convened as local board of canvassers proclaimed the winners.

The wife of incumbent Mayor Bobby Eusebio has been proclaimed the new mayor of Pasig City.

Mayoral candidate Maria Belen Eusebio easily won the election after getting 226,766 votes.

The incumbent mayor finished his third and last term and let his wife run to continue his unfinished business.

Eusebio’s running mate, Iyo Christian Bernardo, won the race for vice-mayor with 129,913 votes and Rep. Roman Romulo easily gets another fresh three-year in office after garnering 217,325 votes.

Although they have not yet counted 100 percent votes cast, the local Comelec decided to proclaim the honchos of Pasig City because it will no longer affect the results because of wide margin earlier posted by the honchos.

Meanwhile, what happened in Pasig is just a duplication of what is expected in San Juan City which is called Estrada country.

All Estrada bets emerged as winners and they were proclaimed by their local Comelec who convened as local board of canvassers.

Getting a fresh three-year in office is incumbent Mayor Guia Gomez (29239) the rumored girlfriend of former President Joseph Estrada.

Her closest rival Glenn Angeles only got 6299 while Eduardo San Pascual only got 2040 votes which represent 84.69 percent vote cast. Guia’s running mate Francis Zamora is unopposed.

The lone district of San Juan is now represented in the 16th Congress by Ronnie Zamora (29183), a comebacking Estrada ally who outsmarted his rival, Jana Ejercito, who only got 18994 votes. (PNA)



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