NBC suspends canvassing of votes for partlylist groups till Thursday

May 14, 2013 10:11 pm 

MANILA, May 14 — The Commission on Elections, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, Tuesday suspended the canvassing of votes for party-list representatives so that the official canvassing for senatorial candidates would continue without further delay.

Comelec Commissioner Sixto Brillantes, Jr. made the ruling after the counting of votes for 12 disqualified partylist groups was questioned by several parties causing undue delay to the tallying process.

Prior to this ruling, the canvassing of votes for partylist groups was done simultaneously with the senatorial candidates.

A move to nullify the votes of disqualified partylist groups led to several debates ending with a ruling from the NBC allowing for the conditional acceptance of votes for the disqualified groups pending their appeal and decision from the Supreme Court.

“The varying positions on the issue of the disqualified groups, including that of the Comelec’s, is unduly delaying the canvassing for the senatorial candidates,” Brillantes said.

“We have decided to suspend the canvassing of partylist groups so that we can finish what we have undertaken; to proclaim 12 senators by 7 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday),” he said.

The poll chief said that canvassing of votes for partylist groups would resume Thursday.

Brillantes added that even if the NBC would not be able to proclaim 12 senators by Wednesday evening, the remaining positions up for grabs would likely be a maximum of three.

"The remaining senatorial positions would then be very manageable to canvass simultaneously with those of the partylist groups," Brillantes said. (PNA)



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