VCMC hopes to lower cost of hospitalization with new P5-M oxygen generator

May 6, 2013 10:25 pm 

CEBU CITY, May 6 — A hospital in Cebu City said it hoped to ease the burden on patients with the acquisition and installation of an oxygen generator worth some P5 million.

Dr. Eli Ar. Belarmino, medical director of the Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC), said each cylinder tank of oxygen costs P210.

The hospital also charges patients additional overhead expenses of P800.

The installation of an oxygen generator at the hospital is expected to cut costs by 50 percent.

The VCMC and BMC Hospital Systems said the oxygen generator plant produces oxygen using ambient air and filters it of other gases to produce oxygen.

Belarmino said hospital staff will also be spared from transporting heavy oxygen cylinders from one area to another, as the oxygen plant is directly connected to pipes.

The oxygen powers the transfer and also means little energy is used.

Dr. Edward Dampor, president of BMC Hospital Systems, said the whole system costs about P5 million.

Dampor said many private hospitals in the country have set up oxygen generator plants.

He assured that their system is safe, as it has a low pressure compared to what hospitals traditionally use.

VCMC and BMC came to an agreement that all technical aspects of the plant, which will supply oxygen 24 hours a day, will be the responsibility of BMC while the maintenance of the building is under the VCMC.

Dampor said he hopes other hospitals in the city would follow suit and see the wisdom of having their own oxygen generators to bring down the cost of hospitalization. (PNA)



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