Additional military forces deployed in Biliran province

May 2, 2013 11:54 pm 

NAVAL, Biliran, May 2 — The 19th Infantry (Commando) Battalion of the 802nd Infantry Brigade, deployed at least 100 additional soldiers to boost the number of government forces who will secure the upcoming local and national election in the province of Biliran.

Lt. Col. Joel Alejandro Nacnac, commanding officer of 19th IB, said the move to dispatch soldiers in the province was earlier agreed by the Commission on Election (Comelec) and election deputies as a pro-active measure against any unforeseen event.

The additional military forces are currently staying at the makeshift camp inside the capitol ground of Biliran provincial capitol building.

“The whole province of Biliran and some parts of Leyte province will be under the supervision of 19th IB while other districts of the province to include Southern Leyte, will be under the 78th IB and 52nd IB,” said Nacnac.

Nacnac added that the additional forces will only stay in the province after the Election Day and will go back to their previous assignment.

He also clarified that the presence of additional forces in the province of Biliran was only to ensure smooth electorate process and will not result to depriving public in their right to vote and does not mean that strong presence of insurgents are once again felt in the province.

Biliran province was declared as insurgency free and conflict manageable area since 2006.

“We are here to ensure safe and honest election and we do promised to always uphold the rule of law and never practice partisan politics,” said Nacnac.

As deputize personnel of the Comelec, the army official added that they will always abide all mandate of the election agency.

A close coordination with the Philippine National Police (PNP) was also assured by the army officer especially in the conduct of checkpoints in areas considered as election hot spots, especially polling places.

“Troops detailed to secure polling places will be at the area a day before election and will withdraw until all PCOS machines are turned over to the COMELEC,” Nacnac added. (PNA)



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