Political bets in Pampanga agree on urgency of river rehab

April 29, 2013 11:42 pm 

APALIT, Pampanga, April 29 — Four political candidates for provincial board representing the province's fourth district have unanimously agreed on the urgency to rehabilitate Pampanga River.

Despite differences on various political views, incumbent board member Nestor Tolentino, former board member Nelson Calara, councilor Kenneth Nunag and Cecile Villegas stand in common ground when asked about their agenda on Pampanga River.

Tolentino said he used to be the supervising engineer of the defunct Pampanga River Control System (PRCS) which is tasked to monitor, preserve, maintain, and develop the river.

However, he said that before the PRCS was abolished, the river has been abused by the people in the communities along its stretch.

"There is a need to revive Pampanga River Control System so that our rivers be strictly monitored," he said.

Tolentino said that at present there is enough legislation both in national and local level involving protection and conservation of major waterways.

"What we are lacking is the strict implementation of the laws," he noted.

Calara, for his part, said the present condition of the river is hurting the livelihood of the people.

"In the portions of Masantol and Macabebe, there are river lice that are eating the small fish and others that are sources of livelihood of our fishermen. We need to find solution," he said.

Nunag, on the other hand, said that solving the problem of Pampanga River is not the sole obligation of the concerned local government unit (LGU).

He said the people likewise are obligated to protect the river.

"We need to work together to save our dying river," he said.

Villegas, on the other hand, said that the people living near the river need proper education on environmental protection so that they could help solve the problem on pollution, garbage, illegal fishing, among others. (PNA)



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