Political slogans may influence voting public (Last of 2 parts)

April 25, 2013 10:53 am 

MANILA, April 24 — Slogan plays a very important role in the life of politicians seeking public office.

This gives them a chance to change the mindset of the people who have previously decided not to vote for them for whatever reason.

The voters who are looking for candidates that will give them “hope” to uplift their present economic standing will surely have a second thought.

But there is no guarantee all voters can be fooled by the slogan because some will think it has been done before by some politicians but, post assumption of office, nothing happened.

Among the famous slogans today are PTK (presyo, Trabaho, kita) of reelectionist Alan Peter Cayetano; (Hanepbuhay) of former Congresswoman Cynthia Villar, (Nanay ng Senado) of Nancy Binay, (Libreng kindergarten) ni Aurora Rep. Sonny Angara, (Magsaysay is my guy) of come backing Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr., among others.

Many politicians now are shifting to favor dismantling political dynasty although they themselves are part of the dynasty problem.

Anti dynasty is embedded in the 1987 Constitution but because of the lack of an enabling law, the bill remains a bill.

Several times it has passed the Senate but most of the time, members of the House of Representatives don't stamp their signatures.

Although some of them who were directly hit by the issue claim there is a good dynasty and there is a bad dynasty.

Anti Dynasty was included in the Constitution to give way to other persons to serve and not be cornered by few people who control a particular bailiwick which shut the door to other clans.

Only a strong political will can overcome this problem, like what President Benigno Aquino did when he publicly supported the Reproductive Health Law.

Most of the candidates are advocating high paying jobs, education, job creation and lower price of prime commodities which had been the battle cry of many politicians in the past.

Because of the strong clamor against dynasties, some politicians who were before defending dynasty shifted their support.

Movement Against Dynasty (MAD), for example, which is not endorsing a particular candidate and just emphasizing to vote only one for every clan is becoming popular because it has generated hundreds of thousands of signatures to push for people’s initiative.

MAD convenor Ting San Diego said they need to get at least 10 percent of the total registered voters.

“We are targeting 5.5 million signatures all over the country which will represent 10 percent of all registered voters but must also represent three percent of registered voters for every district,” San Diego explained when interviewed by Philippines News Agency.

To date, MAD has over half a million signatures gathered and they expect that they can get the needed signatures before the next election.(PNA)



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