Authorities assure 'HOPE' in Masbate

April 25, 2013 10:53 am 

LEGAZPI CITY, April 24 — The joint forces of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and Commission on Elections in Bicol are confident that honest, orderly and peaceful elections or HOPE will be attained in Masbate, according to Major Gen. Ceasar Ronnie F. Ordoyo, the commanding officer of the Southern Luzon Command (Solcom).

In a press conference during the celebration of Albay’s Heroes Day, which was presided over by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda at the Office of Civil Defense 5 here, Ordoyo noted that for the past three years, a lot of improvements happened.

It is because of the cooperation being given by all sectors of society in the province, he said.

He said a peaceful place will gain economic benefits.

Ordoyo cited the confidence given to the Aquino Administration by the business community within the country and abroad.

He said the government is implementing a cocktail of tactical drives toward lasting peace.

The main factors are unity and cooperation, assurance from the authorities that the local folk are protected, continuing advocacy campaign to end or abandon the armed struggle or culture of violence and negotiation or peace talks among the concerned sectors, particularly among the enemies of the government.

Ordoyo said the Bicol media plays a very vital role in the attainment of a lasting peace or in having a gun-less society.

The Solcom commander further said that this cycle of violence in Masbate will be put into end through this procedure, and more reports are welcome.

These pieces of information must be validated and the suspects must be put into jail.

He said that for the past three years, the government has maintained the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Center in Masbate to ensure peace stability.

"It brought positive results," Ordoyo said.

The province posted low cases of election-related violent incidents compared to previous elections.

Ordoyo said the joint task will sponsor a Peace Candle Lighting Ceremony in the province a week before the national and midterm elections.

It will be participated in by all sectors in the province, namely, the different political camps, religious sectors, civil society groups and other peace advocates.

This is to ensure honest and orderly peaceful elections.(PNA)



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