Comelec exec to Negros Oriental candidates: Be a good sport, win or lose

April 20, 2013 12:10 am 

DUMAGUETE CITY, April 19 –- The acting provincial election supervisor of Negros Oriental, Atty. Juvenal Tuale, has exhorted candidates seeking various positions in the May 13 polls to be a good sport, and accept defeat or humbly earn victory.

Atty. Tuale spoke briefly Thursday at the opening of the candidates’ forum featuring the different bets for the position of Board Members representing the 2nd district of Negros Oriental.

The objective of the elections is to win, and it is nice to triumph over rival candidates, but defeat is also a part of the exercise, Tuale said.

It is not always the strong, the gifted, the mighty, the abled and the wealthy that win in politics, Tuale said.

He was quoting a verse in the Book of Ecclesiastes of the Holy Bible that says the fastest runner does not always win the race, and the strongest warrior does not always win the battle.

Tuale said that while candidates do to clinch a public office, it would always be God’s will that shall prevail.

“You can be a winner if you are in the right time and the right time place”, he added.

Tuale thanked the candidates, the political parties, the authorities and all who are helping to make the May polls a success.

The election officer also lauded the Diocesan Electoral Board of the Diocese of Dumaguete for spearheading a series of forums where the different political candidates are presented to the electorate. (PNA)



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