Zubiri sees need to hasten delivery of health care services

April 8, 2013 10:28 pm 

MANILA, April 8 — United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate Migz Zubiri on Monday sees the need for government to hasten its efforts in the delivery of promised health services to millions of Filipinos in the provinces and urban poor communities as he noted the bad shape of the country’s health infrastructure.

He made the statement amidst reports that growing number of Filipinos are now suffering from health hazard types such as hypertension and diabetes.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), 25 percent of Filipino adults – or about 14 million of current adult population – are suffering from health hazards such as high blood pressure.

Many of those diagnosed often do not have access to treatment and their conditions are not adequately controlled.

Likewise, Philippine Health Statistics data showed that in 2009, about 167,000 Filipinos died from heart disease and stroke.

“Simple illnesses or even ‘silent diseases’ such as hypertension and diabetes that could trigger stroke and premature death can be prevented if only our government could give all the needed health care services to the people and without any cost especially to the poor,” Zubiri stressed.

He lamented that while the DOH and the World Health Organization (WHO) are advocating for all people to seek medical consultations and have their blood pressure taken regularly as a way to detect health concerns, the fatalities keep increasing every year because majority of the people, most especially those living in the rural areas, refuse to undergo even simple medical consultations because of prohibitive cost.

“It is very unfortunate that majority of the people both living in the urban and rural areas refuse to seek health consultations and medical treatment just for one reason – lack of money," Zubiri said.

"In fact, most often than not, poor Filipinos skip going to the doctor and instead use the little money they have to buy food,” he added.

The former senator likewise assailed the lack of health infrastructure around the country and urged the government to close the gap between what the DOH needs and what the Budget Department supplies.

“We are encouraging young doctors, nurses and dentists to serve in the barrios but we do not put up the necessary clinics, hospitals, therapy centers and facilities; or, we do not continually stock them up with medicines and modern equipment," Zubiri said. (PNA)



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