Female inmates of Quezon City now busy making Acapulco soap to cure scabies and other skin diseases

March 28, 2013 10:22 pm 

QUEZON CITY, March 28 — Thin hot air now lords the climate which creates humid all day long which reminds us that its summer time.

Everybody knows that most of our jails all over the country that house more than the capacity of inmates are the most affected during summer because they develop skin allergies and diseases.

Skin diseases and allergies borne out of the extreme heat behind bars can now be cured easily.

The Quezon City Female Detention (QCFD) of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) based inside Camp Karingal have developed a soap that can cure all kinds of skin diseases especially scabies usually found on inmates.

In a rare interview, QCFD Wardress Chief Inspector Elena Rocamora told Philippine News Agency that the soap they have developed comes from “Acapulco plant” which can be found in their backyard inside the compound.

“We have lady inmates who are task in taking care of plants including vegetables and other fruit bearing trees,” said Rocamora as she boosted that the main ingredients of the soap is organic.

She explains that the soap have been proven effective as they have pass several tests conducted by Department of Science and Technology and it’s local counterpart in Quezon City before they were allowed to sell it in the market.

“We are making our inmates busy so that they can momentarily forget what brought them inside jail,” Rocamora stressed as they teach them to be more productive and earn which started in June last year.

Rocamora showed how they discipline inmates while they allow them most of the day outside the cell busy making things that can even help them earn while inside QCFD.

The wardress assured that the soap is safe and can even cure scabies which usually occurred in congested jail because of the stream heat during summer.

She said they sell the soap at P13 each for wholesale and P15 per piece while inmates earn P1.50 per soap they made.

Rocamora said that the biggest bulk of their product for now goes to different jails that placed their order and help the inmate soap makers earn while in detention.

“For now, the National Capital Region had placed their order. They asked us to deliver 3,000 soaps. Ipamimigay din yan sir sa mga jails na sakop ng NCR na mangangailangan, [It will be distributed to all NCR jails]” the QCFD wardress explained.

She said that soap making inside jail is now fast becoming one of their favourite activities because the industry is seasonal. High demand usually happens during summer.

San Mateo Jail also orders 100 pieces to cure their inmates who might suffer skin diseases especially scabies. There are some private practitioners who used to buy their soap after they have tested their product effective.

Other products they make are bags, give away products for special occasions like weddings and christenings and home displays. They also join trade fairs to explore other possible markets and keep the industry afloat.

She pointed out that the project main idea is to keep inmates busy while in detention and earning for a living while waiting for the final judgment of their case. (PNA)



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