OTS wants safety for all on all means of transport

March 13, 2013 10:49 am 

PASAY CITY, March 12 — The Office for Transportation Security of the Dept. of Transportation and Communication Tuesday said they want to avoid surprises by enemies of the state and be prepared against any eventuality.

OTS Deputy Administrator Roberto Villanueva said their mandate is to protect lives and property of all means of transportation as they were the single authority responsible for the security of the transportation system of the country including but not limited to civil aviation; sea transport and maritime infrastructure; and land transportation and rail systems and infrastructure.

“That is why we are conducting periodic exercises to avoid terrorism and the likes because we are mandated as the oversight of all means of transportation,” Villanueva told a press briefing at their headquarters in Pasay City.

Since they are mandated as the policy making body, he said their mission is to formulate, develop, implement and maintain national transportation security programs, plans, rules and regulations in accordance with international standards to secure the transportation system of the country.

“Our vision is a world-class organization committed and capable to assure and maintain a secured and dependable transportation,” Villanueva pointed out.

OTS-Maritime Transportation Security Bureau chief Capt. Oca Santos said they are mandated to implement the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code and the National Security Program for Sea Transport and Maritime Infrastructure to ensure safety of all people onboard a vessel and properties away from the enemy of the state.

With this, they will conduct one-day actual drills and exercise on March 20, 2013 at Pier 4, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila.

OTS-MTSB is the lead agency during the Exercise.

He said the Maritime Drills and Exercise is an ideal vehicle by which maritime stakeholders may be given exposure and familiarization of the maritime security environment and operation at the macro level.

Santos reiterated they need to protect our domestic shipping and maritime infrastructure against future terrorist incidents or to mitigate any actual security incident considering the vulnerability of ships and port facilities.

For his part, Director Miguel Oraa of the legal bureau explained that the office was born nine years ago to formulate ways and means on how they can counter terrorism after terroristic bombings worldwide.

He said that they are always reminding all stakeholders to follow what to do and what is not to avoid attacks from terrorists and other persons who committed crimes.

They are also distributing brochures to remind passengers on what are allowable things can be brought during travel and what should be avoided.

“We want to ensure that our country’s maritime transportation system keeps up with the global security standards,” Oraa said.

He added their office which is had been coordinating with other government agencies such as Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine National Police< Philippine Ports Authority, Manila International Airport Authority, Maritime Industry Authority and all private stakeholders to ensure that safe travel is their priority. (PNA)



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