Mahaguyog festival kicks off at Santo Tomas, Batangas

February 26, 2013 12:42 am 

SANTO TOMAS, Batangas, Feb. 25 — Santo Tomas in Batangas kicked off its 12-day opening salvo Sunday for the “Mahaguyog Festival” with the amateur singing qualifying rounds in observance of the 347th town fiesta celebration which falls on March 7.

The amateur singing competitions encouraged the senior citizens and the elderly for the “Puwede Pa Kami” category and the children’s “Bulilit” category.

The two-week observance will also feature the street dancing, mardi gras, serenata, band jamming or “Rakrakan Blues”, mini-band and parade competition, mini-sports challenge, agro-trade fair and barangayan, beauty pageant, variety show and the fireworks display.

The celebration started February 24 and will wind up until March 7 for the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the town’s patron saint.

Organizers for the Santo Tomas celebration have scheduled the daily mass and the novena owing to its predominantly Catholic population.

As colorful and bountiful as the flora that abound in the town, the “Mahaguyog Festival” is a word derivative of the contraction of the town’s main products such as mais (corn), halaman (plant), gulay (vegetables) and niyog (coconut).

The festivities celebrate the abundance of the place that is nestled at the slopes of Mt. Makiling and the Mt. Malarayat mountain ranges. (PNA)



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