Hatol ng Bayan to guide, inform, educate electorate in choosing right leaders – Coloma

February 20, 2013 10:46 pm 

By Cielito Reganit

MANILA, Feb. 20 -– Secretary Herminio B. Coloma, Jr. of the Presidential Communications Operations Office highlighted Wednesday the need to properly inform and educate voters on the upcoming May 13 national and local elections so that Filipinos get the leaders they truly deserve.

“The proper knowledge on each candidate and their visions for the country’s future would help the electorate make the right decisions that would benefit them and the country,” Coloma said.

His statements were made during the launching of the “Hatol ng Bayan 2013”, the biggest, widest and most comprehensive coverage of the May elections that would be presented by the combined forces of the government’s news and information organizations, together with its private media partners, under the Media ng Bayan banner.

“An election is the most important process in a democracy wherein voters bestow authority and pin their hopes and trust to the elected,” Coloma said.

“Trust that the government officials they elected would be committed to their responsibilities; hope that this commitments would lead to development and prosperity,” he said.

It is this principle that Hatol ng Bayan seeks to address by setting out to inform, educate and guide the electorate in voting for the right leaders.

Besides providing blow-by-blow accounts of election-related events before, during and after the May 13th elections via television, radio, print and social media, the program would also bring into focus the thoughts of every Filipino and hear the differing opinions of every sector of society in order to fulfill their needs.

“Hatol ng Bayan will gather the views of all sectors of Philippine society and endeavor to hear and amplify the voices of all stakeholders,” he said.

“It is a vital aspect of democracy to ensure respect and recognition of differences in opinion for diversity can provide a strong foundation for principled unity,” he stressed.

“If we would succeed in this endeavor, we would help the people make the right decisions that would best benefit the country and future generations to come,” Coloma said.

Media ng Bayan is presented by the government-owned Philippines News Agency (PNA), Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Philippine Broadcasting Services (PBS-Radyo ng Bayan), People’s Television Network (PTV-4) and International Bradcasting Corporation (IBC-13) in partnership with Manila Bulletin, Air-21 and Informatics.

It boasts more than 1,000 experienced field reporters, broadcasters, industry experts and information officers in all provinces that would be supported by 4,400 volunteer bloggers and student journalists. (PNA)



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