Say goodbye to painkillers, a new treatment has been prescribed

February 13, 2013 2:59 am 

By Azer Parrocha

MANILA, Feb. 12 — In pain? There won’t be a need for painkillers anymore.

Chronic muscle pain specialist Christian Emmanuel V. Mancao told a health forum Tuesday there was actually an alternative to pain-reducing drugs or painkillers when it came to relieving chronic pain.

“There are many methods now that can instantly modify the pain without hurting your stomach or affecting your bone marrow,” he said, explaining how a drug-free procedure in the country that instantly removes this.

Mancao said it was a unique custom which has been practiced for more than a decade, which only involved a person’s touch which could cure pain in 15 minutes or less.

It will of course, depend on which part of the body needed to be relieved.

Myotherapy is a specialized form of muscle manipulation of specific areas of the body to release tender points, fibrositic nodules, taut bands and “rope” muscle signs.

This procedure aims to relax the triggered muscle knots and quickly relieves muscle-related pain and limitation of movement.

It is also said to be drug-free and long-lasting for pain relief.

Manipulation of the upper and lower extremities of the body reduces pain by releasing beta-endorphin hormones, a morphine-like substance originating from within the body that resembles the opiates in their abilities to generate analgesia and a feeling of well-being.

“Occupational medicine has something to do with people in the workplace who develop pains primarily because of their jobs,” he said.

Some of these include migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain.

Where does the pain go?

According to Mancao, also a surgeon, the number one cause of pain is not postural, but stress from the pressures obtained from work.

This kind of therapy works in such a way that it depends on the manipulator to deliberate correctly how the pain should be relieved.

“You can teach other people how to do it,” Mancao said. The nice thing is it always works.”

Pain felt by an individual, according to Mancao, is not completely gone but, instead, the therapy works in such a way that the sensation of pain is blocked.

The pathways of the signal that goes to the brain are numbed or anesthetized.

He mentioned that courses in myotherapy were offered in the Mancao Pain Control Center, that of which he is the founder.

Primarily, he has trained two doctors who are now based in the US and four nurses as myotherapists.

“We have a course for lower back pain and scoliosis which will last for two days,” he said.

“After that, it is practiced for one to six months up to the time a person is trained enough to develop a level of self confidence in the manipulation.”

“[On the other hand], advanced myotherapy training that is for migraine, neck and shoulder pains,” he added.

Mancao also said he was pushing this therapy because statistics showed that the fourth cause of death in the US is by prescription drugs.

This was the same killer responsible for the death of artists Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

He considers an expansion in the country and the possibility of franchising more myotherapy centers since he said did not want the Philippines to come to a point wherein the causes of death in the country would pattern that of the US.

“If the DOH (Dept. of Health) would only know that there is a simple method that can cut down the drug cost in the Philippines and relieve the pain and suffering of the Filipinos then they should do something about it,” he said. (PNA)



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