Zambo Mayor urges renewed anti-dengue efforts

February 12, 2013 1:31 am 

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Feb. 11 — City Mayor Celso Lobregat Monday called on the public to renew efforts to search and destroy breeding grounds of dengue carrier mosquitoes in view of increasing dengue cases during the first five weeks of the year

Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Carol Carabaña reported that over 200 dengue cases with four deaths have been registered from January 1 to February 11.

Last year, over 4,000 cases of the mosquito-borne disease were registered with 37 fatalities. Due to the extremely high dengue cases, a dengue outbreak was declared last May 10, 2012.

In a message before City Government officials and employees after the flag raising ceremony in front of City Hall Monday morning, Lobregat said anti-dengue efforts should start in every household where there are potential breeding areas of the dengue carrier mosquitoes.

He said breeding places include clean stagnant water, canals, flower vases, old tires, gutters and piles of garbage.

Dr. Carabaña said to help address the situation, the CHO is spearheading a noise barrage through a motorcade around the city on Friday to arouse people’s awareness on the dengue disease.

The different barangays are encouraged to participate in the noise barrage that will kick off at the CHO compound in Pettit Barracks. It will pass through the different barangays in both the east and west coasts and culminate also at Pettit Barracks where a meeting of all stakeholders will follow.

The meeting will involve action plans and other measures intended to help reduce or bring down dengue cases.

Since it noticed the rising number of dengue cases a week ago, the CHO has conducted advocacy campaigns and other drives to promote awareness on the prevention of dengue. (PNA)



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