Comelec issues clarificatory resolution on questionable campaign rules provisions

February 5, 2013 11:19 pm 

By Janice M. Cave

MANILA, Feb 5 — The Commission on Elections has issued on Tuesday a clarificatory resolution amending several 'questionable' provisions regarding campaign rules for the May polls.

"We released Resolution No. 9631 clarifying and amending pertinent portion of Resolution 9615 or rules on campaign," Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr said.

The controversial "right to reply" provision–which gives candidates a chance to answer allegations against him with the same prominence in a particular media outlet has been amended while the "color motif" provision has been deleted from Sections 1 (4) and 9 of Comelec Resolution 9615.

"Registered political parties, party-list groups or coalitions and bona fide candidates may invoke the right to reply by submitting within a non-extendible period of forty-eight (48) hours from first broadcast or publication, a formal verified claim against the media outlet to the COMELEC, through the appropriate [Regional Election Director] RED," the resolution read.

Media outlets may also require any buyer of advertisement space to warrant under oath that such purchase is not in excess of campaign limits.

The poll body has also downgraded the provision on prior approval of TV shows before guesting a candidate to just notifying the Comelec of scheduled dates of guesting a candidate for purposes of monitoring.

"For purposes of monitoring by the COMELEC and ensuring that parties and candidates were afforded equal opportunities to promote their candidacy, the media entity shall give prior notice to the COMELEC, through the appropriate Regional Election Director (RED), or in the case of the National Capital Region (NCR), the Education and Information Department (EID)," it said. (PNA)



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