Cayetano bats for more women participation in good governance

February 1, 2013 10:54 pm 

By Jelly Musico

MANILA, Feb. 1 – Sen. Pia Cayetano has called for more participation of women in good governance and in combating corruption.

Cayetano, one of the three lady senators of the Philippine Senate, made this challenge Friday as she addressed the participants of the ongoing 5th Global Conference of the Parliamentarian Against Corruption (GOPAC) at the Philippine International Convention Center.

”A cost-effective and politically feasible way to clean up government is to promote gender equality and increase women in government,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano said general consensus shows that greater participation of women in democratic governments improve public service.

”Increasing female participation as a means of fighting corruption provides an economic incentive to foster gender equality,” the lady lawmaker said.

At present, Cayetano said world average of women in parliaments is 20.3 percent, still far behind from the 50 percent the goal set by the United Nation.

”Anecdotal evidence shows that quality of public service improves with more women in public office,” she said.

In the Philippines, only 65 out of 284 seats in the House of Representatives are occupied by women while only three out of 23 senators.

Cayetano challenged fellow lady parliamentarians to get involve in transparency and good governance training and made anti-corruption part of their platform.

”Women should seek to present themselves as icons of good governance along with other causes they espouse,” Cayetano said.

Dr. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, member of House of Representatives of Indonesia, supported the challenge of Cayetano.

”Public would like to see more women within the parliaments and the executive branch. This trend has been encouraged by the fact that women have initiated many innovative approaches on public policy,” Nurhayati said.

Cayetano, Nurhayati and Donya Aziz of Parliament of Pakistan were among the speakers of the ongoing GOPAC specially on the topic: Role of Women Parliamentarians & the GOPAC Women Network.

The two other women senators of the Philippine Senate are Miriam Santiago and Loren legarda.(PNA)



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