PHL Jeep: World War II Filipino invention

January 16, 2013 11:48 pm 

MANILA Jan 16 — Born out of the creativity of Filipinos, the Philippine jeepney remains to be one of the greatest inventions in the Philippines.

Philippine jeepneys came from American jeeps: a small but high powered automobile, produced in the United States Armed forces in the 1940s.

It can load half a ton and can maneuver over mud and hilly terrain.

Old models can travel up to 105 km per hr while modern models can travel 144 km per hr and greater.

When US military troops left after World War II, they left behind hundreds of jeeps that were either sold or given to the locals.

With this, Filipinos refurbished the jeep to accommodate more passengers, added roofs for shade and decorated jeeps with vibrant colors and added designs.

Outside, jeeps are individually decorated with a hodge podge of designs like picture of the driver’s children, religious pictures, zodiac signs, cartoon character and sexy women.

Inside, one can see funny signs like "Magandang Dalaga Nais Kitang Makita," "Sexy… kung nais libre" to only name a few.

To stop the jeep, passengers can pull the string at the jeepney's ceiling to alert the driver to step on the brake or the passenger may yell “Para” for the jeep to stop.

The number of passengers in a jeepney depends on the size of the jeep: some can accommodate eight passengers while others can accommodate 14 passengers.

Jeeps are a cheap mode of transportation with P 8.00 minimum fare for 4 kms.

For the same distance, students and senior citizens pay only P 7.00.(PNA)



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