Putin signs law extending civil service age limit to 70 years

January 3, 2013 11:29 am 

MOSCOW, Jan. 3 — Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that extends the age limit for civil service employees to 70 years, the Kremlin website reported.

The law was passed by the State Duma lower house of parliament on December 19 and approved by the Federation Council upper house on December 26, 2012.

Thus the law amends the Federal Law of 2004, according to which the age limit for the civil service employees was 60 years. Now, the service term for the state civil servant who reaches the age limit for civil service may be extended with his consent by the decision of the employer’s representative, but for no more than 65 years of age, and for the civil servant holding the position of the category “assistants or advisors,” established to assist a person holding a public office – until the office term of the above person expires.

The law simultaneously introduces the norm, according to which the term of service for the federal civil servant who has reached the age limit, holding the position of the state civil service category “executives” of the higher civil service posts, with his consent may be extended by the decision of the President of the Russian Federation but for no more than the age of 70.

The introduction of this norm, according to the website, “will contribute to the keeping in the federal civil service of qualified and experienced civil servants belonging to the high-level personnel.” (PNA/Itar-Tass)



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