2013, Year of the Snake starts Feb 10, ends Jan 30, 2014 (Feature)

January 1, 2013 5:52 am 

By Honor Blanco Cabie

MANILA, Jan 31 — What do singers Dionne Warwick, Bob Dylan, Dean Martin, Dominican seasoned educator Rolando V. de la Rosa, and politician Luis “Chavit” Singson have in common?

Dionne Warwick, born Marie Dionne Warrick, on Dec 12, 1940, is an American singer, actress and TV show host, who became a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization, and a United States Ambassador of Health.

Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman, on May 24, 1941, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, poet and artist and has been an influential figure in popular music and culture for more than five decades.

Dean “King of Cool” Martin, born Dino Paul Crocetti, on June 7, 1917 – he died on Dec 25, 1995 — was an American singer, film actor, television star and comedian, and one of the most popular and enduring American entertainers of the mid-20th Century.

Rev. Fr. Rolando V. de la Rosa, O.P., S.T.D., Ph. D., born on June 27, 1953, in Manila where he spent his childhood, was the former Rector Magnificus of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and the largest Catholic university in Asia.

Luis Singson, born Luis Crisologo Singson on June 21, 1941, but better known as Chavit Singson, is a Filipino politician and is the incumbent Governor of Ilocos Sur,

Warwick, Dylan, Martin, de la Rosa and Singson were all born in the Year of the Snake – in different years of course.

Oriental calendar experts say those who will be born in 2013, the year of the black Snake, are going to be astute in observations and deft in actions. But the year does not begin until Feb. 10; and it ends of Jan 30, 2014.

People born in the Year of the Snake share certain characteristics: Acute, aware, charming, cunning, elegant, mysterious, passionate, proud, serene, and vain. They are attractive people who take cries with ease and do not become flustered easily.

They are also a graceful people, exciting and dark at the same time.

They enjoy reading, listening to great music, tasting delicious food, and going to the theater, according to Oriental calendar virtuosi.

They are also said to be fascinated with beautiful things in life. Many of the most beautiful ladies and men with strongest personalities were born in the Year of the Snake, the zodiac gurus add.

Contemplative and private, Snake people are not outwardly emotional. They usually act according to their own judgment and do not follow other people’s views.

They can appear cunning and clammed up and work very modestly in the business environment. They will plot and scheme to make certain things turn out exactly as they want them to.

According to calendar experts, they are not great communicators and can become quite possessive when they set their minds on achieving the interest of a partner.

The Snake symbol of the 2013 year is an active, snaky and has a very seductive nature.

The 2013 Snake of Kuei Szu year has ability to read complicated situation quickly in a controlled manner which is good for business.

But 2013 Snake must watch for fanatical commitments since Snakes’ inclination to spend money quickly than earn them may produce what experts call tensions in personal relationships.

The person born in the Year of the Snake is considered the wisest and most enigmatic of all.

He/she can become a philosopher, a theologian, a political lizard or a wily financier. Such person is a thinker who also likes to live well, the experts add.

The snake person loves books, music, clothes, and fine food; but with all his fondness for the good things in life, his innate elegance gives him a dislike for frivolities and unreasonable talk.

They like communicating and like interesting conversations, although if the conversation becomes repetitive their attention may soon wander.

It is almost impossible to fix their attention for long talking about the weather and prefer to focus on new interesting unusual ides and intelligent discussion in general.

These people have a special feeling, calendar experts say, that enables them to judge situations correctly and so they are alert to new possibilities and when they have an idea of what to and how to do it, they pursue it persistently and energetically.

These people are self-confident and usually don't bother themselves listening to someone else's opinion. But this side of their character has also a negative load.

Refusing to listen to constructive advice, they may get into needless trouble. Although it is difficult for such people to take advice, they can be patient with others when it comes to extending a helping hand, and their ability to look at a problem from different angles is extremely appreciated.

When faced with a dilemma snake people, as a rule, act with speed and conviction, since they believe intensely in what they are doing and rarely waste time or energy on projects lacking in good potential.

A Snake person perfectly knows how to wind down and relax when such opportunity arises.

This type of people often makes protective and caring friends. But their anger can be quickly aroused, and they will soon get back if they suspect someone has taken advantage of their trust or has hurt those close to them.

When it comes to love affairs, the male snake is romantic and charming, according to calendar watchers.

The Snake male possesses a sense of humor while the female is usually beautiful and successful. When a person born in the year of the snake chooses a partner, he/she can be jealous and possessive.

Even when the relationships are left behind this possessiveness will be clouding the Snake's life.

Rejection is the worst thing that can ever happen to the Snake person. Such people must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom they come in contact. Generally they need a lot of security.

It often happens that Snake people have one set of rules for themselves and one for their partner and this side of their nature can become a basis for misunderstandings in the future.

But, when they are really romantically involved these people are also loving and attentive, stimulating and playful, though it takes time for them to get over their fears or discuss their weaknesses.

The best partner for a Snake type person is someone who would give him freedom, but it is also important for him to feel secure and adored.

When it comes to money matters, people born in the year of snake have good luck; they don't have to worry about money too much, such people will always be able to find couple of banknotes if they need it.

The snake person has an ability to read complex situations quickly and then set about resolving them in a quiet, controlled manner. It is much more convenient and useful for this people to work independently, because in this case they have freedom to travel and negotiate on their own terms.

The Snake people can not stand being limited by others and this is another reason for them to work solo. (PNA)



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