Another group of Ukrainian citizens evacuated from Syria via Lebanon

December 29, 2012 8:59 am 

KIEV, Dec. 29 — A group of Ukrainians, consisting of 11 women and 12 children, has been evacuated from Syria. The press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said the Ukrainian nationals were expected to arrive in Kiev by a flight from Beirut of the Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines at 19:00 local time (21:00) Moscow time on Friday.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, there are three Syrians, the relatives of the Ukrainian nationals, onboard. Employees of the consular department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian Ministry for Emergency Situations and other executives will meet the plane at the airport.

"The Ukrainian embassy evacuated the compatriots by ground transport via Lebanon. A regular flight took them from Aleppo to Beirut airport,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry press service went on to say.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry jointly with other state bodies concerned has evacuated 361 Ukrainians this year in connection with the escalation of the Syrian conflict. Another 139 Ukrainian citizens have been evacuated jointly with international organizations. Ukrainian diplomats have helped 44 foreigners, including 17 Poles, 7 Belarus nationals and 20 Syrians, the family members of the Ukrainian nationals.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also helped 83 Ukrainians to flee Gaza Strip when the situation there got worse in November. (PNA/Itar-Tass)



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