Holiday season means more jobs — Baldoz

December 21, 2012 3:41 am 

MANILA, Dec. 20 — For some, it’s not clothes, toys, or even jewelry that's the hottest item of the season. It’s jobs.

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said this Thursday, noting the rising number of more people shopping during the holidays, factories, malls, and other business establishments.

In a statement, Baldoz said these establishments need hundreds of workers for temporary or seasonal jobs, such as sales clerks, cashiers, service crews, salesmen, and salesladies, and even gift wrappers, and delivery workers.

The PhilJobnet, the official job portal of the government in the Internet, listed these jobs as among the top 20 vacancies this December, with sales clerks in the number one spot having the highest number of vacancies at 8,991.

Based on the PhilJobnet data, there is also a need for call center agents, who are listed at second with 8,022 vacancies; product specialists, third with 6,370 vacancies; financial /accounts specialists, fourth, with 5,060 vacancies; and financial analysts (government) and telephone salespersons, at fifth with 5,000 vacancies.Service crew is sixth, with 4, 631 vacancies; salesmen, seventh, with 4,447 vacancies; technical support staff, 8th, with 3905 vacancies; cashier, ninth, with 3,745 vacancies; and customer relations officer, 10th, with 3,158 vacancies.

Businesses also show high demand for production workers/factory workers, who are at 11th, with 3,095 vacancies; salesladies, at 12th, with 3,070 vacancies; sales analysts, 13th with 3,021 vacancies; technical salesmen and real estate brokers, 14th , with 3,000 vacancies; merchandisers, 15th, with 2,687 vacancies; sales officers, 16th with 2, 546 vacancies; domestic helpers, 17th, with 2,513 vacancies; sales executives, 18th with 2,505 vacancies; promo salespersons, 19th, with 2,250 vacancies; and customs representatives, 20th with 2,005 vacancies.

“Skills for service crew, cashier, salesclerks, and salesladies are also among the top 10 skills needed by employers who are registered or who are browsing the PhilJobnet,” Baldoz said.

“Workers who are in need of temporary jobs can browse the PhilJobnet where they can find a lot of vacancies this holiday season. Sometimes, a good holiday season will mean a temporary job can turn into a permanent one,” added Baldoz.

The PhilJobnet can be accessed at



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