Men on Iloilo streets favor political dynasty

November 10, 2012 12:23 am 

ILOILO CITY, Nov 9 — Men on the streets of Iloilo favor political dynasty as long as the set-up is beneficial to the locality.

Domeng Gatumbatom, a family driver from Guimbal, said that “it’s okay as long as there is improvement.”

“Just like in Guimbal, it is progressive,” he said.

Felix Calimlim, a security guard from Tigbauan, said they are used to seeing families in tandem running during election.

“Political dynasty is okay as long as there is commitment and stands for reform—the rich and the poor should be equal and the law is a law,” he emphasized.

“There are politicians who are good in governing as one family as long as they can do something for the development of the place and they do not do something bad," said John Kenneth Lefe, a fisherman also from Tigbauan.

Gatumbatom, Calimlim and Lefe all came from the first district of the province of Iloilo that for several years has been run by the powerful Garin clan.

Members of the Garin family has been occupying various posts starting from Oscar Garin whose last position was administrator of the Philippine Coconut Authority during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Oscar represented the first district to the House of Representatives and was replaced by his wife Ninfa when his term ended.

Ninfa slid down to become mayor of San Joaquin, also in the first district and was replaced by his daughter-in-law Janette Garin whose term will end this 2013.

Meantime, Richard Oscar Garin Jr., the current vice governor of Iloilo, is running for Congress to succeed his wife Janette who will run for mayor to replace Ninfa who is running for board member.

Further, daughter Christine is seeking re-election as mayor of Guimbal while another daughter, Rep. Sharon Garin, is the first nominee of party-list Aambis-Owwa.

On the other hand, Alfredo Beato, security guard and resident of neighboring Sta. Barbara from the second district of the province opined that others should be given the chance to serve but gives thumbs up to political dynasty as long as it could help the community.

In the past years the congressional post in the second district was always between the husband and wife tandem of Rep. Augusto Syjuco and his wife Judy. (PNA)



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