TNI continues strengthening its weapon system

October 3, 2012 9:54 pm 

JAKARTA, Oct. 3 — The Indonesian military continues strengthening its weapon system to meet a minimum essential force by among others acquiring 44 units of Leopard main battle tanks from Germany.

"We actually, wish to bring in the Leopard tanks for the commemoration of the 67th TNI anniversary this month but because of the long process for it the tanks would only be able to arrive in November," the Army Chief of Staff, Gen Pramono Edhie Wibowo, told a news conference.

Pramono said the army also plans to add two battalions of a multiple launch rocket system made in Brazil, one battalion of anti-aircraft missiles and two battalions of 155 mm/Caesar cannons made in France.

In the effort to build a MEF, the navy would also acquire three submarines from South Korea which will be built in cooperation with Indonesia`s shipbuilding company PT PAL, three units of 60M missile-mounted swift vessels and two units of 2400HP tugboats.

"We will also acquire one squadron of anti-submarine helicopters from the US," Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Soeparno said.

The Air Force meanwhile would increase and upgrade the Hercules transport aircraft from Australia.

"We have only 13 units of Hercules. We will upgrade again and buy 10 more units from Australia," Air Fore Chief of Staff Marshal Imam Sufa`at said.

Defense Forces Commander Admiral Agus Suhartono meanwhile said on the occasion that the addition of the weapon system equipment must be followed by improvement of the capacity of TNI personnel.

"We are aware how sophisticated a weapon is it will be useless unless it is operated by capable personnel," he said.

The ministry of defense earlier said that some of the Leopard tanks as well as medium battle tanks Marder are scheduled to arrive in the country early in November.(PNA/Antara)



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