Luistro wants elementary and high school student leaders to be active for NTM, WTD celebrations

July 26, 2012 9:45 pm 

MANILA, July 25 – Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro has enjoined all leaders of Supreme Pupil Governments (SPGs), Supreme Student Governments (SSGs) and other school-based co-curricular clubs or organizations to actively participate in the 2012 National Teachers’ Month (NTM) and the World Teachers' Day (WTD) celebrations from Sept. 5 to Oct. 5, with the theme, “My Teacher, My Hero.”

Luistro, in issuing DepEd Memorandum No. 126 s. 2012, ordered some organizational matters to be observed and accomplished to achieve a united, synchronized and successful conduct of NTM and WTD activities, like the planning and implementation of all activities pertinent to these celebrations to be led by the SPGs and SSGs, meetings with all school-based co-curricular organizations, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts plan for their own activities with proper coordination with the SPGs and SSGs.

He likewise enjoined the Parents-Teachers Association officers, local government units, church, civic group leaders to be invited and engaged in the planning and implementation of activities relative to the NTM and WTD celebrations.

The Education chief suggested activities like:

* Posting of streamers, posters and banners in various school bulletin boards and other conspicuous places announcing the 2012 NTM and WTD celebrations and the line-up of activities, and commending all the teachers in nation-building.

* Conduct of special activities to honor teachers, including but not limited to tree-planting and contests (such as on-the-spot poster-making, essay writing ‘Thank You’ card designing and text contests) among pupils and students.

* Invitation for everyone else who has been a student or pupil to say “Thank You” to at least one teacher, retired or in active duty, who has made a difference in his or her life.

* Synchronized ringing/sounding of school and church bells at 10:05 a.m. of Oct. 5, 2012 and reciting the National Prayer for Teachers.

* Publication of feature stories or write-ups on teachers through school papers, websites, social networking and other online channels.

* Holding of a culminating activity on Oct. 5 highlighted by a Tribute Program, parlor games, sportsfest, parade and other leisure and fun activities for teachers. * Recognition of teachers’ efforts by giving awards to both active and retired teachers during the Tribute Program.

* Grant of teachers’ wishes for themselves and for others during the month-long celebrations.

Luistro likewise required that the activities undertaken by the SPGs and SSGs together with all school-based organizations should be held in the most public, creative, festive and memorable ways possible.

He directed that expenses for the celebrations shall be charged against SSG developmental funds, voluntary contributions, and/or donations from government, individual and private sectors.

He encouraged all school heads, school division superintendents and regional directors to support all the activities to be undertaken by these pupil and student leaders. (PNA) scs/MAGI


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