Trans-Asia targets initial operation of Guimaras wind power project in 2013

July 19, 2012 9:40 pm 

JORDAN, Guimaras, July 19 – Guimaras is up to a more stable power supply because of the wind power project of the Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation that is expected to start its initial operation in 2013, according to Governor Felipe Hilan Nava.

The P10-billion investment spread in two years will see the establishment of a 54-megawatt (MW) wind power in San Lorenzo town. However, the proponent, according to Nava, is eyeing to increase it to 200 MW.

The project in San Lorenzo is among the three sites approved by the Department of Energy (DOE) for wind power to also include the 10 MW in Nueva Valencia and 16 MW in Sibunag.

Nava was informed that the project has been awarded to a Spanish contractor and discussions are currently on the feed-in-tariff (FIT).

“We have been asked to prepare a place for them to stay because they will be here for several months,” he said.

A total of 27 units will be installed at 2-MW power capacity each. The tower is 80 meters high while each blade measures 40 meters and weighs around 100 tons.

Part of the project is also a submarine cable that will connect to Iloilo in preparation for the company’s intent to sell extra power to distributors in Panay Island.

Guimaras only needs a maximum of seven megawatts, according to Nava.

Apart from ensuring stable power supply, the governor is also looking at the economic relief the project would bring to the people of the province.

“We look at it as a future tourism destination. We also negotiate to prioritize Guimarasnons in terms of employment,” he said. (PNA) LAP/ajp/PGLena/vlo


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