House Speaker says Corona conviction reaffirms principle of good governance

May 29, 2012 10:38 pm 

By Cielito M. Reganit

MANILA, May 29 – House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. on Tuesday said that the decision of the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post as the chief magistrate of the Supreme Court (SC) was a result of a constitutional process and served as a reaffirmation of the principles of good governance.

Belmonte said the historic vote, wherein the Senate impeachment court voted a resounding 20-3 to convict Corona, reaffirmed the principle that there was a standard by which high government officials should live by.

“The conviction sent a strong message to high officials that the public have high expectations on them,” he said.

The removal of Corona from the SC also assured the people that the law is applied equally to both the rich and poor and to the small and the mighty, the Speaker said.

“Everybody in the government are now forewarned that the laws of the land would be implemented properly and equally to all,” Belmonte said.

Meanwhile, the House Speaker said he believed firmly that Corona’s conviction would not lead to chaos as some sectors were predicting.

“On the contrary, the situation will be far from chaotic. I believed that after this cathartic experience, there will be reconciliation and more unity towards good governance,” he said.

For his part, lead House prosecutor Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr. said that the House of Representatives would not celebrate Corona’s conviction because it was a victory for the people and not the victory of the prosecution panel.

“There would be no celebrations at the House of Representatives. The celebrations would come later in the form of reforms, not just in the judiciary, but for the whole country,” Tupas said.

“We did it not out of personal gain, but we did it with all sincerity and humility for the whole country. We showed to everyone that there is public accountability,” he said. (PNA)



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