PN ship to meet Japanese training flotilla off Corregidor

May 25, 2012 10:00 pm 

MANILA, May 25 – Philippine Navy (PN) spokesperson Col.Omar Tonsay on Friday said that BRP Apolinario Mabini (PS-36) will meet the Japanese training flotilla in the waters off Corregidor prior to its entry to Manila Bay this coming May 28.

Tonsay said the "meeting point procedure" was an international naval tradition where the host navy meets and escorts the visiting vessels to its port of call.

He said that Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) training squadron is composed of the JS Kashima (TV-3508), JS Shimayuki (TV-3513) and JS Matsuyuki (DD-130).

The flotilla is headed by Rear Admiral Admiral Hidetoshi Fuchinoue.

JS Kashima has a standard displacement of 4,050 gross tons, 143 meters long with a beam of 18 meters, draft of seven meters and an armament of 76mm main gun and two triple torpedoes tubes and complement of 360.

While JS Shimayuki has a displacement of 3,050 gross register tons, length of 130 meters, beam of 13.6 meters, and draft of 8.5 meters.

The ship is armed with a 76mm main gun, two 20mm close-in weapon systems, one surface-to-surface missile tube, one surface-to-arm missile system, one anti-submarine rocket launcher and two triple torpedo tubes and has crew of 200.

JS Shimayuki has the same dimensions, crew, and armament of her sistership, JS Matsuyuki.

The May 28 arrival of the above-mentioned ships will start a three-day series of goodwill activities which will conclude on June 1.

Tonsay said the visit would further strengthen existing friendly relations between the two navies through a series of scheduled events aimed at enhancing understanding and cooperation. (PNA)



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