No terror threat for Metro Manila – ISAFP chief

May 25, 2012 10:00 pm 

MANILA, May 25 – Metro Manila, home to nearly 18 million people, remains free of any terror threat, security authorities said.

But the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces is always monitoring the security situation in the highly congested metropolis, the country's industrial and educational capital.

Maj. Gen. Caesar Ronnie Ordoyo, ISAFP chief, said the military's counter-measures against suspected terrorists are high up to prevent the latter from sowing havoc in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces.

He added security precautions against terrorists apparently stopped the latter from doing their devious work.

"Our countermeasures drove them off and forced them to seek more lightly defended areas," Ordoyo said in Filipino.

But despite this, he also urged the public to immediately report to authorities the presence of suspicious looking persons in their community so appropriate measures could be taken against them.

The ISAFP chief earlier announced that five members of the Jemaah Islamiyah are providing bomb making and marksmanship training to lawless elements in Central Mindanao.

Ordoyo said they are strictly monitoring the movements of the five to prevent the latter from disappearing.

He declined to give the specific place where the five JI members are conducting their training sessions.

The ISAFP chief said the presence of the five in the country could be attributed to the Philippines' enormous and porous maritime borders and ability of the JI agents to mingle with the local populace and speak the language.




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