Villar wants six-hour working schedule for pregnant women

May 18, 2012 9:49 pm 

By Jelly F. Musico

MANILA, May 18 -– Citing constitutional rights of working women for healthful working conditions, Senator Manny Villar has filed a bill prescribing a six-hour working schedule each day for the employed pregnant women.

In filing Senate Bill 3174, or "Pregnant Women Workers Act of 2012", Villar said work brought unwanted stress to the employed pregnant women that might affect their unborn child.

”Pregnant women have a hard time in striking a balance between working and getting the proper rest. As such, this representation finds it proper that the State allow pregnant women to work and earn but limit the time for work to insure that employed pregnant women get the proper rest,” Villar said in the explanatory note of his measure.

The bill provides that all employers should only require pregnant women to render six-hours of work a day prior to the latter’s actual availment of maternity leave benefits prescribed by the existing laws.

The proposed measure, however, provides that the pregnant women who work only six hours a day should also be entitled to receive regular pay and other benefits given to the employees who work eight hours each day.

”Allowing pregnant women workers to work in a six-hour a day schedule and receive the same salary earned from a eight-hour work schedule is the best way to insure that employed pregnant women gets to earn a living and get the proper rest at the same time,” Villar said.

”Life nowadays are hard, the traditional family where the father is the only one working is gone. Women, married or not, are now a vital part of our work force. Sometimes, even when already pregnant, women still go to work and expend energy just to earn and save for their impending delivery,” the senator said.

Villar, whose wife Cynthia formerly served as congresswoman of Las Pinas and being groomed as senatorial candidate of Nacionalista Party (NP) in next year midterm elections, is appealing for support from his colleagues to approve the bill. (PNA) dct/RMA/jfm


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