More than 33,000 book lovers visit M/V Logos Hope in Subic

April 4, 2012 10:10 pm 

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, April 4 – The crew of M/V Logos Hope, the world’s largest book fair, said they are happy that Filipino book lovers keep on visiting their ship since its arrival here in Subic on March 16.

The vessel, which is currently berthed at the Alava Pier here, has received more than 33,000 visitors who browsed through some 5,000 available book titles on board, and viewed interactive displays like “Life X-perience,” which is about HIV.

More visitors are expected to flock to the book fair each day until it closes on April 8, which is Easter Sunday.

Until then, the book fair remains open every day, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., except on Holy Thursday and Good Friday in observance of the Holy Week.

Tom Dyer, captain of M/V Logos Hope, said that it has always been a pleasure for them to be in the Philippines.

“I like being in the Philippines. You have a very positive cheerful spirit,” he said.

“Anywhere in the world that you go, when you find a Filipino community, there is so much joy. We are very thankful to be here,” he added.

Dyer also thanked the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority for providing assitance to the ship’s crew. He also praised the Freeport’s port facilities.

“It’s nice when we come in to a berth and we’re not moving because of the swell and the tide,” Dyer said.

“In some ports we have to actually leave the berth because there’s just too much motion. But we feel very secure here and we feel very welcome here, so thank you,” he added.

Apart from making books available to the public, the crew of M/V Logos Hope also conducted offshore volunteer services in communities surrounding the Freeport.

“We have been working in prisons and schools. We have been in places where we can provide books,” Naomi Armstrong, one of the Logos volunteers, said, adding that “our dentists have also gone out doing work in the communities.”

Armstrong also said that after the book fair closes on April 8, the ship will stay in Subic for dry-docking for about two months. Then the ship will be sailing out of Subic on June 25 and head off to Indonesia, their next book-fair stop.

Asked if M/V Logos Hope would be returning to Subic, Armstrong said she is positive about it.

“The M/V Doulos (the predecessor of M/V Logos Hope) has been here in Subic six times before, so we will definitely return. When will that be, we don’t know,” Armstrong said.

In any case, Armstrong said the crew really enjoyed Subic Bay.

“The people here have been very friendly, and we have enjoyed our visit here in the Philippines generally. It’s been a lovely country to visit,” Armstrong added. (PNA)



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