DFA advises Filipinos to get prior Saudi police clearance if going to Australia, Canada, Europe and U.S.

March 6, 2012 1:12 am 

By Gloria Jane Baylon

MANILA, March 5 —The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reminds Filipinos transferring to Australia, Canada, Europe or the United States from Saudi Arabia to first obtain a Saudi police clearance before exiting the Middle Eastern country.

This will save the Filipino traveler a lot of inconvenience and money since such police clearance would also serve as an entry/residency documents to the above-mentioned territories. It cannot be circumvented since the traveler’s passport would indicate that he or she had been to Saudi Arabia.

Those not securing such clearance before leaving Saudi Arabia will have more difficulty, DFA warned. They “have to go through a longer (two to three months long) and more expensive process.”

The DFA did not indicate why it is giving such advise. It is known, however, that there had been past incidents when Filipinos, who entered the non-Islamic territories encountered entry problems. They could have been averted had a police clearance was secured beforehand.

DFA said that to obtain a police clearance, a Letter of Endorsement (LOE) addressed to the Police obtained from the embassy in Riyadh, a copy of passport or iqama and 100 Saudi Riyals must be presented by the applicant.

The said LOE must be brought to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for authentication and then to the Police.

Those without prior police clearance would be required to submit more documents, as follows:

–A Request Letter addressed to the Embassy stating the purpose of the clearance and e-mail address, if any;

–Duly accomplished fingerprint card obtained through the State Police of the country where the applicant is presently residing;

–Photocopy of passport used in Saudi Arabia clearly showing the applicant’s photograph and all visas;

–Copy of Saudi residence permit (iqama);

–Two pieces of recent 2” x 2” colored pictures with white background;

–Other relevant documents, if any, to support the application for police clearance.

More fees are required–the embassy notarial fee of SR 100(USD25) and Saudi MFA authentication fee of SR30(USD 7.50). (PNA)



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