Argentine lawmakers reaffirm sovereignty over disputed islands

February 27, 2012 12:05 pm 

BUENOS AIRES, Feb 27 — Argentine lawmakers on Saturday reaffirmed their country's sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, called the Falkland by Britain, and called for a peaceful solution to the dispute.

The stance was announced in a statement signed by representatives of all the parties of the Argentine National Congress during a special meeting of lawmakers dealing with foreign relations.

The statement stressed that Argentina has undisputable sovereign rights over the Malvinas and opposes Britain's "military occupation" and "colonial rule" of the territory.

It also denounced Britain's "illegal" oil exploration and fishing activities near the islands, and condemned Britain's refusal to comply with UN resolutions that asked the two countries to resolve the dispute through peaceful talks.

Meanwhile, the lawmakers called on the European Union to exclude the islands from European overseas territories in the EU Constitution Treaty.

Julian Dominguez, speaker of the lower house, has also expressed the hope that G20 members would promote a dialogue between Buenos Aires and London. [ The British government is planning a bevy of high-profile commemorative events to mark the 30th anniversary of a war over the islands between Britain and Argentina.

Britain earlier this month dispatched Prince William to begin a six-week mission on the islands, a move that further infuriated Argentina.

Argentina and Britain went into war in 1982, with Argentina failing to occupy the islands but refusing to acknowledge British rule of the territory.

Argentina sought UN help to mediate the dispute in early February, but Britain has refused negotiations concerning the disputed islands. (PNA/NNN-Xinhua) DCT/jsd


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