Police investigates cause of loud explosion between headquarters and city hall

February 22, 2012 10:44 am 

BAGUIO CITY, Feb. 22 – Members of the explosives and ordance division (EOD) of the Baguio police is investigating the cause of strong explosion between its headquarters and city hall at around 6 a.m. here Wednesday.

In an initial report to Police Senior Superintendent David Lacdan, Baguio police chief, said a plastic container with used motor oil was apparently the material which exploded just when a 12-wheeler truck was passing by the area.

Driver of the truck loaded with tons of chicken dung told police he is not sure whether or not the plastic container fell off from the vehicle.

The explosion which was heard in that area surprised the early merchants who were unloading several goods from the lowland provinces.

The cargoes unloaded nearby included poultry products, fresh lowland vegetables, fruits and marine products which are in demand as the city is having its annual flower festival.

Peace and order is the main concern in this mountain resort 250 kilometers north of Manila as it hosts thousands of visitors coming for the summer activities which include the flower festival's street dancing and float parade which serve as main events.

The police led by Lacdan has assured that enough law enforcers are in town to safeguard peace here while Baguio has its flower festival. (PNA)



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