Pimentel seeks review of Solid Waste Management Act

February 18, 2012 12:22 am 

MANILA, Feb. 17 -– Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III has filed a resolution calling for an inquiry on the Solid Waste Management law, specifically on the condition of all dumpsites in the country.

Pimentel filed Senate Resolution 702 directing the Senate committees on health and demography, local government and other appropriate committees to conduct investigation following reports that more than 1,000 local government units (LGUs) operating in open and controlled dumpsites nationwide are committing environmental offenses and violations.

Pimentel said the committee will determine and recommend appropriate action that would effectively facilitate the full implementation of the 2003 Solid Waste Management Act in.

“We want to find out how far and how deep has the implementation of the Solid Waste Management law gone in the light of several aggravating environmental situations that have happened around the country,” he said.

With the various environmental problems that continue to affect the society as it brought various incidents in past that lead to the destruction of properties and lives of many, the senator believes that a competent solid waste management will be a solution.

He added the inquiry will resolve how LGUs can contribute their individual and collective shares in environmental protection through proper solid waste management practices.

Meanwhile, the Solid Waste Management Commission (SWMC), created by Republic Act No. 9003, is tasked to fund and study standards, criteria and guidelines for the promulgation and implementation of an integrated national solid waste management program.

Pimentel explained that stringent standards and requirements and inadequate funding support resulted from the incompliance of the law after seven years of its enactment.

In line with this inquiry, Pimentel also advocates to increase the IRA shares of LGUs to facilitate the devolution of local and fiscal autonomy as this may render efficiency in the performance of local officials in the delivery of social services in the country. (PNA)



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