PNP chief Bartolome issues directives to boost drive vs criminality

February 17, 2012 1:24 am 

MANILA, Feb. 16 –Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Thursday issued a series of directives to boost the law enforcement operations of the PNP nationwide.

The directives are in accordance with Bartolome’s 10-point fundamental action plan and command priorities designed to fight crime.

“The PNP has intensified its law enforcement operations, anti-criminality campaign and public safety services to address various peace and order problems and to keep the streets safe,” Bartolome said.

For the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM), Bartolome’s directives are:

Reduction of National Index Crime Rate from baseline of 16.53 in 2010 to 14.92 in 2012 through implementation of different anti-criminality campaigns and crime solutions programs in full coordination with Directorate for Operations (DO).

Promotion of Rights-based Policing by establishing human rights help desks in all PNP units, cascading of human rights training program to dialogues with stakeholders.

Implementation of e-blotter system which is fully implemented in Region 4A, Tarlac, Cebu and Butuan Police Provincial Offices. By 2012 all PNP units will be interconnected with e-blotter system with the help of Directorate for Information Communication and Technology Management (DICTM).

Empowerment of police patrol officers on the ground by allowing access to information from databases necessary in the conduct of police operations such as PAIS, Firearms Information System among others.

Development of a comprehensive ballistic database of all FAs as part of the implementation of IBIS with Firearms and Explosives Division (FED) and Crime Laboratory

Remind the COPs to coordinate with MTC and PDs to coordinate with the RTC pertaining to the accounting of wanted persons.

Directorate for Intelligence (DI) Improvement of the PNPs anti-terrorism capability by strengthening the Bomb Data Center/EOD by activating additional units in Mindanao and enhancing the K-9 capability through the establishment of a National K-9 Training Center (with DO and DHRDD)

Directorate for Plans (DPL)

Monitor House Bill NO. 5484 or the “Comprehensive Firearm Code Bill”

Conduct study on the establishment of a Police Reservist Unit which will serve as source of manpower that will help provide quick response during disasters and calamities (with DO)

Establishment of Police Veterans Affairs Office that will deliver services to police veterans (with DPRM)

Directorate for Police Community Relations (DPR)

Strict implementation of LOI 36/2010, entitled, “Amended General Guidelines for Accreditation of Non-Government Organization (NGOs) with the Philippine National Police (IAS incident NGOs using IAS logo) and (TD Feb 1, 2012)

Directorate for Logistics (DL)

Continuous build-up of police equipage through procurement of FAs, investigative equipment and patrol cars. For 2011 65% filled up short firearms for 2012 PNP plans to procure more firearms to increase by 85% percentage filled up (with DC)Directorate for Information Communication Technology Management (DICTM)

E-warrant and e-rouge (photo of suspects/wanted persons) systems which are expected to be fully operational in 2012. (PNA) RSV/RBC/utb


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